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Classy Car Limo has provided classic automobile appraisals with accurate data on many classic limos and classic cars since 1974. We provide appraisals, research, pre-sale inspections, arbitration, and expert witness services to owners, insurers, buyers, sellers, and inheritors of classic, antique, collectible and contemporary cars. Expert research from our automobile appraisals and inspections is very well researched backed up by years of experience in the classic car appraisal sector. We strive to meet your needs for accurate data on any classic, antique, special interest, or collectible vehicle coupled with prompt accurate service, solid pricing, and historical information on a high level of professionalism.


Your wrecked-and-repaired vehicle is not worth as much as it was before the accident.  Let us help you recover what you lost.

Classic Car Appraisal Codes
  • (1)excellent (concours-winning show car)
  • (2)very good (older restoration and/or local show winner)
  • (3)good (average, presentable tour condition car)
  • (4)fair (usable daily driver)
  • (5)poor & restorable (needs complete restoration)
  • (6)parts car (no major pieces missing)

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    Classic Car Appraisal Fees

    Telephone Consultation: $100 per car Talk and discuss each car.

    Collector Car Appraisal: $300 plus mileage (no mileage charge when you bring the vehicle to us) $350 for unique/special/custom cars. Appraisals mainly for insurance, bankruptcy or bank valuation. We evaluate the vehicle and take it for a test drive (if possible). This written appraisal certificate gives the vehicle ID numbers, a detailed descriptions and condition of body, interior, trim, engine, engine compartment and undercarriage as well as an overall mechanical opinion.

    Charitable Donation: $300 plus mileage We will supply the 8283 form you need for your taxes. You will need this on any vehicle which you donate with a value of more than $5000.

    Pre-Accident: $350 plus mileage You need this when there is a dispute between you and your insurance company after an accident has happened. When an insurance company has "totaled" your vehicle and you believe it is worth more then they are offering.

    Diminished Value / Loss-in-Value: $350 plus mileage This is needed on newer cars that have been wrecked and repaired. We figure what the vehicle has lost in value due to the accident. No knowledgeable buyer will pay the same for a wrecked-and-repaired vehicle with a poor CarFax report as a never-wrecked vehicle. We use our time-proven formula and knowledge of the market to help you get the value you lost.

    Pre-Purchase: $400 plus mileage ($50 extra for written report) This inspection is having an expert scrutinize your intended purchase and give you a verbal opinion and send you detailed photos on all the physical and mechanical condition details. We will take it for a test drive (if possible) and call you when we are looking at the vehicle (if possible). This is mainly used in situations where you may be purchasing a vehicle from an ad or on E-Bay and are unable to personally inspect the vehicle yourself. We will check for rust or sheet metal replacement, make sure everything is working and test drive the vehicle (if permitted).

    Expert Witness: $255 per hour (3 hour min), $850 daily charge, plus mileage & travel costs When you need us in court or for depositions.

    Mileage expense: $75 minimum. There is a $.75/mile fee for time and travel with a $75 minimum.

    Discounts: Three or more vehicles at one location may be eligible.

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    Please take this time to explore our website. We have gathered a great deal of useful and entertaining information for the classic car enthusiast. Classic Car Appraisal Service would like to share the knowledge of a fascinating world that revolves around the classic, antique, special interest and collectible car hobby. We look forward to assisting you with your automobile appraisal and with your various insurance, diminished value, pre-sale inspection, tax or estate matters.

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    Classic Car Appraisal ServiceClassic Car Appraisal Service
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    At Classic Car Appraisal Services in Georgia we’ll give you the attention and personal service you'll come to expect and enjoy.

    Expert Automobile Appraisal 1934 Bugatti Type 57 Cabriolet Stelvio (S/N 57180)
    1934 Bugatti Type 57 Cabriolet Stelvio (S/N 57180)
    Classic Automobile Appraisal 1910 Ford Model T with Original Delivery Body
    1910 Ford Model T with Original Delivery Body
    Classic Car Appraisal 1934 Rolls-Royce GWE44
    1934 Rolls-Royce GWE44

    Please visit our site dedicated to the Peterson Family Cars. Our site is full of classic automobiles that we own or have owned in the past. Click here to see more photos of the classic cars and a short commentary.

    Classic Car Appraisal Reviews

    Classic Car Appraisal Review

    Thank you for the appraisal on my 1970 Cadillac Coupe de Ville that I inherited from my uncle, I feel a lot better now paying the insurance:)
    John Kane

    Classic Car Appraisal Review

    Thank you for the automobile appraisal on my 1955 Ford Thunderbird, data was accurate, your inspection was very well researched, appraisal was well worth it. You guys are the best,

    Classic Car Appraisal Review

    Thanks for the pre-sale inspection, and research you did on my 1956 Chevrolet Nomad, I got top dollar on the sale!!! Now I'm looking to buy another classic I will be calling soon to help my value my purchase. Thanks again,
    James King

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